A mortgage broker is a professionally trained person who has two main roles. One as an expert financial advisor, specialising in mortgages and the other, as a mortgage broker who obtains a mortgage on behalf of his/her clients.

All mortgage brokers are licensed. They must pass qualifications and strictly monitored criteria in order to give advice in the industry. The brokers who use any of the products available at The Mortgage Library are also subject to The Mortgage Library's own checks. Choosing a mortgage from The Library is only the first step, as the mortgage broker will then help the client by liaising with the underwriters assigned to the lender until the mortgage is agreed. All mortgage providers use underwriters to ensure the suitability and risk of lending mortgage monies to individuals.

The mortgage advisors who work on behalf of The Mortgage Library can help guide through the often complicated, financial process of buying or re-mortgaging a property. Our mortgage advisors act as the middleman between people seeking mortgage advice for the best mortgage product that suits them and a potential lender or mortgage, provider. The mortgage broker can do this by searching through The Mortgage Library’s huge collection of mortgage products.

Our mortgage brokers will provide support starting from the pre-approval stages, right up to the completion of the loan. These mortgage advisors will verify your income and credit score in order to source the best product for you. The Mortgage Library's brokers have a duty of care to ensure that they are recommending the most appropriate and competitive product possible.

Once a product is agreed upon, our mortgage brokers will keep in contact with both client and lender until the transaction has been agreed.